Living Wall

Hang, grow and enjoy!

Hang, grow and enjoy!  Grow your own herbs, fruit, vegetables or plants on a wall with the Living Wall from AltaNova. And, the best part is, thanks to our tips, it’s not difficult at all. Follow our tips or watch the video with care instructions. Have fun in the garden!


  • Choose a spot in the sun or partial shade. Attach the Living Wall with sturdy screws and ensure it is hanging straight. Bear in mind that a Living Wall weighs 10-12kg.
  • The great thing about the Living Wall is that you can expand it by hanging several Living Walls side by side or underneath each other.
  • If you want to hang two systems underneath each other, you can also link the watering system together. Once the Living Wall at the top is saturated with water, it will start to drip, allowing the water to flow into the system underneath. Keep watering until the lower system starts to drip as well. Please note, this means twice as much watering!


  • Water twice a week from the top of the Living Wall. Keep watering until a stream of water runs out from the bottom. This means that the system is saturated. This takes about 8 litres of water each time.
  • Remove any dead leaves to encourage the plants to grow and flower.
  • Double the amount of water once a month to flush out the system and rinse away any residue from the plants. Add fertiliser to the water to give your plants some extra pampering.
  • Your Living Wall will need extra water if it is positioned in full sunlight.


  • Enjoy watching your Living Wall flower and grow! And if you are growing fruit, herbs or vegetables on the Living Wall, make sure you wash the fruits or herbs before eating them.


We hope you enjoy your Living Wall!


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