We believe that the easiest way is not always the right one. We want to make the most exceptional plants available to everyone, no matter how difficult they are to grow.


At AltaNova, we like things when they are not ‘standard’. With 23 hectares of cultivated land, our dream is to make our products available to everyone. This means we offer our customers a truly distinctive product range and give the consumer a surprising amount of pleasure. We want to grow beautiful, high-quality products without causing an unnecessary burden on the environment. We make conscious choices about how to do this every day.

From waste to label
Our labels are particularly sustainable, as they are made from waste from the flower auctions in The Netherlands. This waste is first cleaned and then processed into granulate. Our packaging supplier then processes this granulate into printing sheets for labels and pot covers, among other things, thereby creating a 100% recycled material: RPP. We have supported this initiative from the start and, together with a number of fellow growers, have ensured that the material could be perfected in this way.

In Moerkapelle, Luttelgeest and Zevenhuizen
we work with a ‘closed’ irrigation system, so that nutrients remain in the nursery and do not end up in the environment.

We will be using geothermal heat to provide our
heating at the Luttelgeest Weteringweg site from mid-2021. We have joined the Aardwarmte Combinatie Luttelgeest (Luttelgeest Geothermal Heat Partnership – ACL) project for this. Our latest garden plants are also being grown without using energy!

Our use of crop protection products is minimal.
We have managed to achieve an 80% reduction in pesticides by using biology. We aim to reduce this to 95% within 3 years. And we’re proud of that!

We are aware of what happens to our packaging
when it is no longer in use. That’s why our pots and labels are made from 99% recycled plastic. We don’t add any dyes to the pots so that they can be recycled again. Our labels are made from 100% recycled material and a sustainable, paper sleeve has been developed for our Jasmine.

We are shortening the supply chain, partly to minimise the environmental impact. We are doing this by supplying customers directly from Portugal.

We strive to create a pleasant working environment at every site where people feel at home and dare to make mistakes.

The new GO ECO! label has been developed to show consumers internationally that they are making a sustainable choice when they buy a product from AltaNova. This label appears on all our packaging. We are thereby helping the consumer to make a sustainable choice.

All the products we grow must be registered or certified. Retailers also demand increasingly higher standards, and here transparency is the keyword. In order to comply with this, we are MPS A, MPS GAP, MPS SQ and MPS GRASP SEDEX certified. Visit for more information. AltaNova’s MPS number is 601618.

Questions about Altanova or our special range?